A shattered window on your RV vehicle can be a real headache. If you can’t make it to an RV auto glass repair shop right away, your RV becomes vulnerable to more damage. When your RV’s window is shattered, it can let in pests, water, and debris, causing extensive interior damage. Until you can get to the repair shop, you need to protect your RV’s interior. Here are some simple tips to help you out.

Cleaning Up the Broken Glass

The first thing you must do is clean up all the broken glass and glass shards from your RV vehicle’s shattered window. Don’t attempt to clean it with your bare hands, as glass fragments can be sharp and dangerous. Always wear thick protective gloves for safety.

Some glass shards might be too tiny to remove by hand, so use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to suck up the smaller fragments. Even though you might not see them, these tiny fragments could be hiding in your car seats or on the floor, so vacuum the entire area to be sure.

Cleaning the Window Frame and Seal

Even with a powerful vacuum, you may not get all the pieces of RV vehicle glass around the window frame. To ensure a thorough clean-up, take a damp, soft cloth and carefully wipe the area, removing any remaining glass pieces. This step will also eliminate dust and debris, ensuring a clean surface for sealing the window later.

Once the window frame and seal are clean, it’s time to seal the window to prevent debris and water from entering your RV vehicle.

Covering and Sealing the Window

After you’ve cleaned the window frame and sealed it, it’s time to seal the window itself. You have a few options for this:

Using Plastic Cover and Tape

If you have a plastic cover on hand, stretch it across the window and secure it in place using smaller pieces of tape. Once it’s properly positioned, use longer strips of tape to seal it to the window frame. Ensure that the opening is completely sealed to prevent moisture and debris from entering. For added protection, repeat this process on both sides of the window, both inside and out.

Using Tape

If you don’t have a plastic cover available, tape can also work. Use longer strips of tape on both the inside and outside of the window to seal it securely. This method may be less effective than using a plastic cover but can still provide some protection until you can get needed RV auto glass repair in Phoenix.

By following these steps, you can temporarily protect your RV’s interior from further damage until you can get the shattered window properly repaired by professionals.